Increases the Possibilities of your Mining Business

ÉNESTAS takes the Natural Gas to your mining development, we have the infrastructure and experience for the development of your mobile or fixed gas station. The leading brands of mineral yuccles use Natural Gas, which extends engine life and performance, as well as huge fuel savings.

Super Heavy Gas Vehicles
Reduce Costs And Increase The Productivity Of Your Units
We Take The Gas To Your Mining Project
CNG and LNG Mobile Stations
Gas Cargo Trucks for Mining
The Best Of The Market Are Converting To CNG

Download our brochure Mining Solutions to Natural Gas with the options that ÉNESTAS has for you

We Bring Natural Gas To Your Mining Development

- Save Hundreds Of Dollars In Fuel And Reduce Emissions -


ÉNESTAS offers you the great opportunity to invest in Premium Gas Services.
The energy industry moves toward cleaner energies this is the time to invest in the Natural Gas business.

Save the Planet

Reduces your company's pollutant emissions by up to 90% when you change the use of gasoline or diesel by Natural Gas

Greater Performance

The use of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG, offers a higher yield than gasoline or diesel, so you will have greater economic benefits in the short term

100% Safe

ÉNESTAS has the experience and resources necessary for the management of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG