Invest in Natural Gas for the Naval Sector

Liquefied Natural Gas is the future of sustainable shipping, 90% of global merchandise trade is done by boat, ENESTAS provides you the infrastructure and advice needed to supply Gas for your fleet of ships in Mexico.

Natural Gas Boats Are The Future
Due To Low Cost And Availability
Wide Storage Capacity
FSRU Transports Up To 100,000 M3 LNG
Reduces Marine Pollution
Change The Use Of Diesel By Natural Gas Do Not Contaminate!

Enestas Promotes Floats Of Boats Fueled By Gas In Mexico

- We Renew The Maritime Energetic Industry -

FINANCING PLANS Natural Gas Stations

  • Signing of the Contract

    Inaugurate Your Gas Station

    ENESTAS offers you financing plans according to your needs
    We have several deadlines to ensure the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG to your company

  • Fixed Rates

    Supporting your economy

    We protect you against inflation and increases in the cost of money

  • No Commissions or Extra Charges

    We keep the contract unchanged

    We give you all the facilities to start your Gas Natural station, approach our sales executives

Download our brochure Transport Solutions to Natural Gas with the options that ENESTAS has for you

Benefits to the Environment

Reduces pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases by up to 90% ECOFRIENDLY

Circulates Daily

In CDMX and metropolitan area, since hybrid, electric and gas vehicles YES circulate

Save on Fuel

Up to 40% savings compared to gasoline or diesel Circulate with Gas!