VEHICLE CONVERSION TO GAS Gas Vehicle Conversion / Automotive Technology

ÉNESTAS has the support of important international brands in vehicle conversion systems to Gas, is our business ally in everything related to the change of gasoline or diesel vehicles to Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG.


Leading international company offering a wide range of customized solutions for the most demanding requirements in the natural gas compression and petrochemical processing markets.

Save the Planet

Reduces your company's pollutant emissions by up to 90% when you change the use of gasoline or diesel by Natural Gas

Greater Performance

The use of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG, offers a higher yield than gasoline or diesel, so you will have greater economic benefits in the short term

100% Safe

ÉNESTAS has the experience and resources necessary for the management of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG


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Solutions to Natural Gas


Production of cleaner energy through the use of Natural Gas increases your profits by investing in a gas generation process.

Gas Venting Capture

The burning of gas in the oil wells generates high levels of air pollution, avoid this by capturing the Gas and taking advantage of it to your benefit.

Sustainable Transport

Save thousands of dollars in fuel when you change your gasoline or diesel vehicles to operate on Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG.