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  • Burning Gas Capture

Proven Technology

ÉNESTAS provides you with the infrastructure and advice needed to implement the Burning Gas Capture in your well or reservoir throughout Mexico.

Millions of dollars are lost in the country due to the indiscriminate Burning Gas, giving priority to the extraction of oil. With our Burning Gas Capture Systems, you can store all that Natural Gas and you can sell it or use it for your own consumption on site or the cogeneration of electric energy, saving you thousands of dollars a year.

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Invest In Burning Gas Capture, Benefits To Your Economy And The Environment

- Mexico Second World Place In Natural Gas Burning With 16 Million M3 -


Be a part of the global change and reduce the burning of gas,
there are many benefits you will get when you stop doing this practice.

MAKE MONEY Through the sale of captured natural gas

You can sell all Natural Gas that is collected with our Gas Venting Capture System.

REDUCE AIR POLLUTION Reduces NOx and soot emissions

Burning Gas Capture is supporting the planet, avoiding tons of contaminants

POWER GENERATION Take advantage of the Gas, Do not Burn It!

You can meet the electricity needs of your installations from the captured Natural Gas

COMPLIANCE STANDARDS In Mexico and international standards

With our Burmning Gas Capture System, you comply with Mexican and international laws

Vent Pollutant of the Atmosphere

Burning Gas is an increasingly penalized practice in the international oil industry

Affects the Economy

Millionaire losses for Mexico with the burning of the National Natural Gas and buying it abroad

Waste of energy

More than 143 million m2 of natural gas is burnt per year, which is a waste of energy