We comply with all Mexican standards
and international standards for the correct management of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG

  • Experiencie

    More than 20 years in the gas industry in Mexico

  • Mexican Regulations

    We comply with the Mexican norm NOM-005-SECRE-1997, liquefied Natural Gas-Service Stations

  • International Standards

    NFPA 52, "Vehicular Gaseous Fuel Systems Code, 2010 Edition" from United States

  • Technology

    Safe installations, monitoring, security systems with advanced equipment.


ÉNESTAS is much more than a distributor of Natural Gas, we develop tailor-made solutions for your fuel needs.

We do complex and scalable fuel projects: offering everything you need, modifying your facilities, analyzing your type of vehicles or machinery, we guide you through financing options.

As an industry leader, we also take your gas to the place you need it via mobile Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG stations.


We Create the Greatest Network of Gas Stations
Mobile or Fixed Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG

- Start The Change To Gas Today -

First you have to learn the rules of the game, and then play better than anyone else

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Save the Planet

Reduces your company's pollutant emissions by up to 90% when you change the use of gasoline or diesel by Natural Gas

Greater Performance

The use of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG, offers a higher yield than gasoline or diesel, so you will have greater economic benefits in the short term

100% Safe

ÉNESTAS has the experience and resources necessary for the management of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG