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    Welcome to Énestas
    We develop the LARGEST distribution network of Liquefied Natural Gas by means of Virtual Pipelines, we take the LNG to the most remote places and far from Mexico,
    change your industry to LNG, save and do not pollute.
  • ÉNESTAS present at the Green Expo 2017 that took place from September 7 to 7, 2017 in the WTC of the CDMX, presenting all its supply of premium supply to CNG and LNG
    Premium supply 24/7 365 days a year7
    30% cheaper than Diesel
    START your fuel savings with LNG today
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    Greenhouses and agro-industries to LNG
    Modern sustainable companies move with LNG
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    Liquefied Natural Gas Mining Industry
    Énestas has the systems and processes necessary
    to operate your mine with LNG
  • Convierte tu flotilla de autobuses o camiones a Gas Natural Licuado, ahorra más de 30% en combustible anual, reduce significativamente las emisiones contaminantes con GNL
    We take the gas to your company or project
    Ideal for vehicle fleets
    boats, trains and transport with LNG

Natural Gas Benefits

Natural Gas is already defined as the fuel of the future due to its higher performance and lower emissions

Cheaper than diesel, gasoline and LPG

Start your change and operate your company or industry with Liquefied Natural Gas, we advise you at all times

Sustainable Energy

Reduces pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases, changes diesel, gasoline and LPG by Natural Gas

BENEFITS OF Natural Gas For Vehicles

Liquefied Natural Gas is the cleanest fuel, it is in a liquid state, cooled to -162 ° C at atmospheric pressure, also used for transportation and is the recommended gas for long distances.

  • 20 to 30% cheaper than diesel
  • Avoid pilferage
  • Leaves no residue or corrosive
  • Circulates daily in CDMX and metropolitan area


We are working to renew the landscape of Natural Gas in Mexico, the constant increases in gasoline and diesel as well as environmental contingency problems force us to seek new alternatives to cleaner energies such as Natural Gas.

  • Green Expo 2017, ÉNESTAS presents its premium GNC and LNG solutions

    Sustainability, Cogeneration of Energy

    The scarcity of winds, low humidity and intense solar radiation creates the phenomenon. This favors a longer duration of ozone in the atmosphere.

  • ÉNESTAS present at Expo Airport Solutions Mexico 2017

    Technology, Business

    Opening the Natural Gas market in Mexico, we were present at this international event that brings together the main airport providers

  • Expo Alt Fuels of Sustainable Energies 2017, WTC, CDMX

    Technology, Business

    Expo Alt Fuels of Sustainable Mobility WTC CDMX 2017, ÉNESTAS successfully presents its offer of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG stations.


$ SAVE WITH Natural Gas

We support you with the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG for your company or project, we have financing and leasing plans according to your possibilities

  • Forget the annoying increases in fuel
  • Save on maintenance of your engine
  • Increase your profits up to 40%
  • Increased efficiency in km /lt


We take the Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG where you need it

ÉNESTAS has the necessary infrastructure and experience to provide you with the supply of Gas Natural through our network of mobile or fixed stations in Mexico.

Let our Énestas' team of complete financing, engineering, construction, operations and customer services, guide you through your transition to Natural Gas. We support you at all times!!



ÉNESTAS is on your way, we take the Natural Gas where you need it the most, your project is important for us. REQUEST QUOTATION.. The huge benefits of using Natural Gas will make your project a profitable investment in the very short term.


Where no physical pipeline arrives

We take you the Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG - to your industrial park, we guarantee your continuous energy consumption



Located in remote places

We have the technology to operate your mine with Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG - prevents shrinkage and air pollution



Regulate the temperature of your crops with LNG

ÉNESTAS has several successful cases in the use of Liquefied Natural Gas for greenhouses, MOVE YOUR INDUSTRY WITH LNG!

We solve your energy needs with the remote generation with Liquefied Natural Gas, it produces cold, heat, steam and electricity for all your processes


We solve your energy needs

Generate heat, cold, steam and electricity with Liquefied Natural Gas, change to cleaner energies, start the change today.

Circulate daily, save thousands of pesos in fuel and reduce your polluting emissions with Liquefied Natural Gas


Replaces gasoline and diesel by Natural Gas

It enjoys enormous economic savings, circulates daily and reduces the polluting emissions of your vehicle fleet with Gas Natural.

Resolvemos tus necesidades de energía con la generación remota con Gas Natural Licuado, produce frío, calor, vapor y electricidad para todos tus procesos


Maritime mobility with Natural Gas

ÉNESTAS provides you with the necessary infrastructure and advice for Gas supply for your boat fleet in Mexico.



ÉNESTAS offers you customized solutions for all your gas fuel needs, REQUEST MORE INFORMATION about our offer of fixed or mobile natural gas and LNG stations, and start the shift towards cleaner energy.

PBP Project Development

We advise you from the first day in your project to Gas Natural

Turnkey Projects

We deliver the gas station ready for you to start operations

Consulting and Technical Support

We have specialized staff in all areas

Training of Personnel

Constant renewal of our technologies, professional training with experts


Constant monitoring of the perfect functioning of your Natural Gas station

Quality Assurance

We comply with all local regulations and international codes